Wabi-Sabi Style: Traces of Time


This refined renovation reshapes the home style by combining elements, structures, and forms, with a beauty constructed by spatial aesthetics and spiritual freedom.

Its various parts are elaborately described, with exquisite complexity or concise simplicity, creating a sense of immersive depth in the space.

The warm gray interior sets the overall visual effect, with the furniture as the centerpiece.

The walnut-shaped background of the sofa acts as a screen that conceals the balcony door, resembling a book waiting to be turned.

The curved dome element recreates the living room ceiling, creating a more rhythmic beauty.

The atmosphere is balanced in every dimension, emphasizing the room’s volume, structure, and decoration.

The functional allocation of each space is considered, integrating the small west balcony into the dining area to enhance its functionality and comfort, increasing the functionality of the west coffee bar, and differentiating the colors of the walls and floors to enhance the area’s massiveness and ceremonial sense.

It speaks but remains silent, exploring the whispers of the night with a beam of light, endowing it with divinity.

The flexible application of lines and masses subverts the three-dimensional differences of the space, creating a visual flow and transformation, deconstructing the forms and expressions of the surface, and the dynamic curve of the top, shaping a multidimensional sense of space immersion.

The bold conception of space, the meticulous attention to detail, and the gracious attitude to minor details and thoughtful care are all presented here.


Elegant artistic conception, simplicity over complexity, returning to the true essence. Simplicity in color and form can encompass everything, which is the essence of abstraction. Restraint can reach the pinnacle of materiality. Expressing everything through one thing, achieving a symbol beyond symbols, creates a profound artistic conception, which is where style comes from.

Elegance: From nothing to something, and then back to stillness. The aesthetics of melancholy, mystery, and wabi-sabi constitute a unique artistic conception that is difficult to articulate but full of meaning.

Mystery: Searching for the self, reaching a state of elegant mystery. The tranquil realm lies in emptiness, without any attachment to decorations, and the mind can only be settled in such a state. Hazy curtains, leisurely atmosphere, natural to the heart.

Peek: Through an existing window, what kind of beauty can one see? To oneself, to the body, to the heart, what the heart peeks at, what it feels, is also solemn, and encompasses everything. The aesthetic realm of Confucianism lies in “warm stillness,” and the beauty of artistic conception lies in implicitness, and in the unknown.

Silence: Knowledge obtained through sight and hearing can form concepts, which are thoughts and also biases. No thought is a compromise. Away from words and language, things are still things, unchanging and immortal. The so-called “beauty” is also like this.

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